Hey... my name is Neighthan. 17 years, and yes... I'm a hybrid, part Zombie part Unicorn. I'm what i like to call it.. A Zombicorn. there's NO hiding the fact that i am just flat out Clumsy... seriously! If you need something dropped, spilled or broken.. I'm definitely your manster. I'm a social monster though, and LOVE hanging out with my beasties. (Those, of course being Bonita... Sirena.. and Avea.) I love Monster psychology, i want to help monsters heal on the inside. i like spike details, and bright colors... and i hope this doesn't come across as arrogaunt.. but i think my mane and tail look pretty clawesome.
theonevirus asked: I wanted just tell you that you're awesome. And don't worry about anons. They're idiots ;u; They're going to burn in hell. </3 And say hey to sister, because I'm too lazy ;n; I'm sorry.

I love you

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Anonymous asked: Because I'm 50% sure that whoever the 'bad' anon is is looking at your blog along with your sibling's, and though my ask is generally empty I don't want it full of random nonsensical hate. Also I'm not very active in the MH tag besides looking at it anyway


Anonymous asked: As a rule I'm not actually allowed to post sites or links in asks (weird nut logical tumblr rule). If you google 'tumblr blocking anons' or 'tumblr how to see anon' you should get stuff that tells you.


But how come your on Anon?

Anonymous asked: I get you're angry, but you're kind of cluttering up the MH tag with unrelated stuff... If it bothers you/them so much there are methods/programs that allow you to see the account behind the anons and them block them.

what programs

thank you for this glorious information.

sorry for cluttering the monster high tag.

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Anonymous asked: Why would someone hate Fuzzyairhead?

oh my god this is exACTLY WHAT I THINK.


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geneticism asked: PREACH IT. whoever keeps sending her these messages needs to go away. she's so nice to everybody and these anons are clearly just jealous. >:T

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous asked: literally everyone knows that ur the same blog as fuzzyairhead. shut the fuck up nobody cares. i'm glad ur 'ready for the drama' you trashy shit

OOC: we’re not the same person…get over it. LOL  we are NOT the same person, we are SIBLINGS…


i literally feel embarrassed for you.

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monster high “we stop hate”.

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How would you feel…

You: *logs into tumblr, has new messages in inbox..* huh? *presses on..*



You need to think about how YOU would feel, if you got this message.

don’t just go, and be a evil little immature jerk and send these kind of messages.

You have got no frickin’ clue what the hell the person behind the account is going through.

you don’t know what they’re reaction will be to these messages, either it be to cry or to not care about the message….


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